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Colour impacts us in many ways and plays an important role in our everyday lives. The colours you choose set the mood, makes your space lighter or cozier, can even make you feel excited and alive, or serene and relaxed.

Although, selecting the right colour can be challenging and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of colours, hues, textures and tints available. So why not make it easy and have a Benjamin Moore paint & Color Expert help you make a confident colour selection.

How a paint colour consultation works

When you book your consultation a Benjamin Moore colour expert will come to your home to see your space and to talk to you about what you love in décor and design and colour. You can have pictures of styles you like on hand, if you like – but no preparation on your part is necessary.

Your consultation could cover a new colour scheme for your entire home interior, a floor, kitchen, or living room. Your colour professional will assess all the fixed elements – things like countertops, flooring, your sofa, or the drapes you don’t plan on changing – to ensure the palette you choose together will complement what exists in your home.

Our colour experts work with you to ensure that your home expresses your personality based on your feedback of what you like and don’t. You’ll both keep playing until you find what feels exactly right. From trim to ceiling, you’ll know exactly what colours you need and where each is to go.

Book your in-home colour consultation

At the end you will be able to pick up your paint package at the Langley Decorating Centre.  If you don’t want to do the work yourself, no problem we will provide referrals for painters.


Interior or Exterior, rain or shine, we will ensure you fall back in love with your home! Initial consultation just $150.

Most consultations only take an hour, but if you need more time or have an extra-large project, additional time is only $25 per ½ hour.

We’re Here To Help

Whatever your project, the Langley Decorating Centre has everything you need to create an environment that you’ll love.

Together, we can define your style in the comfort of your own home.